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A selection of our exclusive commissions celebrating monks and the Buddha image.


Laungpu Promma Batch Ruamjai-Sao5 Year 1994    Material : Mixed Metal     Size 5” : 2,500 Baht                             Size 9” : 6,000 Baht



Laungpu Mun Batch Moradokedham
Year 1997            
Material : Mixed Metal                 
5 inches  2,500 Baht
9 inches    6,000 Baht


Above : Ruesri Batch Ruamjai-Sao5
Year 1994 Material : Mixed Metal                              Size 5”    3,500 Baht                           Size 9” : 8,000 Baht


Right :Mae Nang Kwak Supawadee
Material : Rasin Mixed with Warn 5” 
Color Painted 1,700 Baht
Plain 900 Baht



LEFT : Laungpo Sila 9” Material : Mixed Metal  9,000 Baht

RIGHT: Pra Maha Setthi Nawa Kothi
Material : Mixed Metal
Size 5” : 3,000 Baht  Size 9” : 9,000 Baht


        Rian 7 Maha Deva Batch Chaw Sua - Ma Ha Choke - Ma Ha Lap - Ma Ha Aut 2nd Batch Year 2007
                        Chanted at Som Wang Wana ram Temple, Suratthani Province

The meaning for this batch is good for doing business , prosperity, wealth and protection. This batch is made by Som Wang Wanaram Temple. Chanted by 16 famous monks such as Laungpor Sawat - Salapoon Temple, Laungpu Tim - Pra Keao Temple,  Laungpor Ruay -Tako Temple, Laungpor Pien - Klenkathin Temple, etc.
7 Deva as following;

Mahesh, Shiva is destroying all evils
U-Ma is the one to bring brighten for life
Pra Prom is the one who makes the universe
Pra Su Ras Sa Wa Dee is the one who make an enjoyment
Pra Narai is the one who protects human from the evils
Pra Luksamee is the one for wealth
Genesh is the one who destroy all obstacles

These 7 Maha Deva have 2 sizes which are 5 centimeters and 3 centimeters.

Materials are Silver, Mixed Metal with 3 Colors Coated, Copper, Warn, Red- Coated and Black-Coated.


Left : Laungpor Koon 5 inches Batch Koon Larp Baramee Year1994 : 2,500 Baht


Rian Laungpu Thuad - Laungpu Nong, Wat Sai Keao
Year 1998 (Used Mould of Gold) Silver Coated


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